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  • Hour Massage $85
    Licensed therapeutic massage. Aetna, L and I, and PIP billing accepted. Specialties: neck pain, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Hour Reiki treatment $80
    Traditional Usui Reiki. Over 20 years experience. This is a gentle, hands-on treatment which does not involve manipulating tissue. You will experience relaxation, reduction of pain and stress, 
    and may find memories or dreams and visions arising. Treats the mind, body, and spirit and addresses the underlying energetics of pain. Good for releasing negative energies, whether your own or of others. This is a clothed treatment.
  • Half Hour Psychic Reading $65
    Half hour psychic reading can be trance mediumship, chakra reading or tarot. Your choice. Each has its advantages. 
  • Hour Psychic Reading $120
    An hour reading can be more in-depth than a half hour reading. Trance mediumship, chakra reading, and tarot all available. 
  • Reiki One Class and Attunement $100
    Reiki One includes an attunement to reiki energy which will last your whole lifetime. It also includes instruction on grounding,
    protection, how to run reiki energy, how to give a treatment, and the history of reiki. Graduates of this class are eligible to attend reiki circles.
  • Half Hour Massage $45
    Good for specific area treatments on a budget; tendonitis in the arms, for example, or neck pain.
  • Soul Retrieval $160
    Retrieves energies and soul parts lost in past traumas, whether chronic or acute. This is a good treatment for depression, PTSD, addiction issues. It does not replace traditional therapy but augments it. Based on shamanic healing practices. 
  • Massage and Reading combination $120
    Muscle-specific deep tissue treatment massage combined with psychic reading of the underlying energy patterns, thought forms, and chakra blocks behind your pain. Very few people can or do combine the level of skill and specificity that I have at both of these tasks. Simultaneously. With some reiki healing.
  • Hour Chakra Healing $100
    Chakra healing includes cord removal, clearing and balancing as well as information on what is blocking you and what will help unblock you 
  • Psychic Development Class $30
    Learn grounding, centering, protection, running light, and chakra meditation. Practice using energy healing on self and others. Learn some tools for reading others. 
  • Events

    things like channeling, or reiki circle, which are neither individual appointment nor class. One-offs
    • Group Channeling
      Trance mediumship for a group. Individuals ask questions in front of others. Some information is for everyone.
  • 90 minute massage $125
    90 minute massage leaves more time for focus on specific problem areas while still including a full-body massage


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